We couldn’t be any happier that this sweet little one ended up in the care of Hope for Paws. After receiving a call about an injured dog living at a factory, Lisa Arturo packed up the lucky leash and headed to the location. Hugo, the dog, was extremely stressed and scared. It took a lot of patience and coxing, but Lisa got the job done. She secured him with the lucky leash and transported him to the vet.

Once Hugo arrived at the vet, they were able to really see the extent of his injuries. One of the factory workers reported that he was attacked by other dogs but it was hard to tell what was going on underneath the fur. It turned out that Hugo’s wounds were more serious than what met the eye. After surgery, treatment, and some tender loving care, however, Hugo was well on his way to feeling better. That same tough spirit he showed Lisa earlier would help him to recover stronger than ever.


Now a healthy, happy dog in foster care, Hugo is active, playful, and eating up as much cuddles and love as he can. While adopting a dog in need is what every homeless dog wants, fostering an animal can be equally as rewarding. To learn more about fostering a deserving animal click here.

To learn more or donate to Hope for Paws click here.

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