There really is nothing cuter than babies and puppies. Put them together and a good time is sure to unfold! The dog in this adorable video is bringing all the fun to bath time for this little boy and you gotta love the laughing. They say laughter is contagious right?

It’s so refreshing to see dogs involved in family activities, even bath time! These two cuties are sure to have a close bond that will last for many, many, years to come.


Did you know that children benefit immensely from growing up with dogs? They learn responsibility, compassion, nurturing, and loyalty. Additionally, kids with dogs are more active and actually get sick less. According to a study a Kuopio University Hospital, babies who lived with dogs in the first year of their lives were less likely to have respiratory illnesses. A study by Dennis Ownby M.D., pediatrician and head of the allergy and immunology department at the Medical College of Georgia, showed that early exposure to pets may decrease a child’s risk of developing asthma. Children who were exposed to two or more dogs or cats as babies were half as likely to develop common allergies than children that grew up with no pets.

If your family is expecting a little human in the near or upcoming future remember all the benefits of having babies and children grow up with pets. Last but not least, don’t forget to ADOPT DON’T SHOP!