As dog guardians and lovers, we know it is our responsibility to provide our pups with the care and love that they need to lead healthy, happy lives. Unfortunately, not every person takes this charge as seriously as we do.

Sadly, Bentley the Shih Tzu was the victim of a neglectful animal guardian. This frightened little dog was dropped off at a dog rescue center in Meltham, England in a horrendous state. Poor Bentley was covered with mats and wreaked of gasoline fumes. According to rescue volunteer, Kathy Trout, the dog’s guardian  couldn’t bear to touch the pup and surrendered him into the rescue’s care. After enduring a lifetime of neglect, Bentley was extremely nervous around people and it took a while for the rescue team to gain his trust.


While they do not know how Bentley came to be covered in gasoline, it was clear he had never been groomed in his entire life. 

The horrible state that this poor pup was in brought Kathy Trout to tears. “His coat was so covered in petrol,” she said, “a drink of water may have poisoned him if any fur had got in his mouth.”

But Trout and her team refused to give up on Bentley. He had to be sedated for them to shave all the gasoline coated fur off of his tiny body.

It took FIVE whole hours to get all the mats off Bentley, then it was time for a bath.

When the grooming process was complete, Bentley emerged a whole new dog!

Trout explained to Daily Mail that the abuse and neglect Bentley experienced in his former guardian’s care is a prosecutable offense. But, for now, the rescue’s main focus is rehabilitating this poor dog and helping to find him a new forever home.

Bentley is learning to trust people and love again. The process might take a while, but Trout and other volunteers are willing to put in the work to see him make a full recovery. We wish you the best of luck, Bentley!


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