Animal Aid Unlimited has done it again! This rescue organization and shelter, based in India, is known for going above and beyond to help animals in need and they recently saved a dog who was suffering from severe mange.

When Animal Aid arrived on the scene, the sight of the dog was unbelievable. Flies were swarming around the scabs on her neck, which looked like barnacle-like mange, and she was starving. As Animal Aid points out, it was as if the dog was locked inside her own shell. It was evident this sweet girl needed medical attention immediately.


Ready to see Cherry today? After recovering from severe mange, as well as being spayed and vaccinated, Cherry looks like a completely different dog. Her beautiful hair has grown back and you can see the life in her eyes that has returned! Cherry’s tail can’t stop wagging as she receives gentle pets from the Animal Aid team. We are incredibly thankful for all of the work this organization does to help homeless animals in India.

To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited and learn how you can help, please visit their website.