As animal lovers, we are always willing to go out of our way to help a fellow creature in need. In some cases, this might mean helping a lost cat find their way home or calling a wildlife rehabber to attend to an injured bird. For the kind animal appreciators in this video, it means stopping a dive to help free a gigantic manta ray from a loose fishing net.

Diving instructor Paul Slater was out for a dip with Don Shellhammer in the Coco Islands, located in Costa Rica, when they spotted a ray in need. Although fishing is not permitted in the area, there is a constant threat from poachers and illegal fishing vessels who wish to take advantage of the area’s marine biodiversity. And sadly, this means that “ghost nets,” or nets that are left behind in the water, pose a serious threat to local marine animals.

This manta was lucky that these two kind divers were nearby and happily stepped in to set him free – and based on the happy flip he gives the camera, he is certainly thankful for their help!