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Whales are some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. These massive marine animals possess cognitive abilities that are even more advanced than human’s, yet, we continue to exploit them in marine parks and aquariums for the sake of our own entertainment. As a result, many people believe that the best way to experience marine animals is in captivity.

Unfortunately, we have learned over the course of the past half a century that holding these animals captive is harmful not only to the individual animal, but also to the wild population as well. While SeaWorld and others may advertize that their animals are “happy” and “healthy,” the truth of the matter is that these creatures are sick, mentally distressed, and ultimately coerced into performing the tricks they do by way of pain, starvation or fear. Not exactly the “wholesome” spectacle they market.

But as this video illustrates, you don’t need massive tanks or abusive methods to experience the wonders of marine animals. This diver encountered a giant Sperm Whale and just started spinning around to see what would happen. Amazingly, in a matter of seconds, the whale decided to join in and spin too!

Now that is a truly amazing whale show!