During a Mexican excursion, divers encountered a gentle giant caught in a bit of a problem. Found with deep cuts in its skin, this whale shark had been entangled in a large rope. The divers believe that the rope had been wrapped around the animal for quite some time, as they noticed that the material was encrusted with barnacles.

On their second dive of the day, the divers noticed the same whale shark swimming nearby. This time, they were prepared for a rescue. The group’s dive guides, Dave and Dani, were able to remove the rope and free the shark of its painful bonds.

After a brief celebration, the divers returned to their boat to investigate the rope that had injured the whale shark. At two inches in diameter, they believe that the material could have come from an anchor or mooring line, but it is not known for sure.

Despite their calm and gentle nature, whale sharks are often targeted for the fin-trade. Unfortunately, the trade has driven these fish to be listed as an endangered species. Luckily, the individual shark in this video was able to escape any further damage thanks to a few friendly divers who offered a helping hand.