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1. Viral TikTok Video Shows Heartwarming Discovery of Feral Puppies

Recently, a video that touched the hearts of millions has gone viral, showing a litter of feral puppies being discovered by an animal shelter staff member.

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2. Rescue Pig Now Lives Luxury Lifestyle in Adorable Video

Kevin is a 300-pound rescue pig who lives a luxurious life at a golf course home with his human. Shared by TikTok account @alexacouch1, Kevin has quickly gone viral on the social media platform. 

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3. Stray Pit Bull Rescued from Being Shot by Kind Strangers

A video of a stray Pit Bull who was rescued from being shot is garnering praise on TikTok. Posted by animal rescue Gateway Pet Guardians, the video shows a stray dog the group rescued. The gray and white Pit Bull, christened Lucy, was wandering the streets with a wire wrapped around her neck. Rather than helping her, some horrible people decided to shoot at the stray dog. Fortunately, some kind strangers were able to corral her and keep her safe until the rescue arrived. 

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4. The Eats Act Threatens Animal Welfare and Food Safety in the US

In the United States, the conditions in which many animals raised for meat live their lives are nothing short of brutal. The plight of these animals has long been a concern for animal rights activists and food safety advocates. Fortunately, in recent years, there has been significant progress in addressing these issues at the state level, with more than a dozen states enacting laws to improve animal welfare and food safety standards. However, a new proposal in Congress, the Republican-led Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression, or EATS Act, threatens to undo these hard-fought victories.

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5. 250 Pets Missing in Arizona Spark Dispute!

An effort to find over 250 missing animals has sparked an argument between the San Diego Humane Society and its Arizona counterpart. The controversy centers around the fate of 318 small animals that were transferred to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in Tucson to find them loving homes and alleviate pressure on San Diego’s local shelters. However, what happened to 250 of these animals remains a mystery, shrouded in secrecy as the Tucson shelter declines to share information about the unnamed rescue organization that supposedly adopted them. This situation has sparked concerns and led to a collaborative rescue mission involving dedicated animal advocates.

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6. Florida Woman Faces Cruelty to Animals Charges After Shocking Discovery

Authorities in Altamonte Springs, Florida, have charged a 36-year-old woman, Tonya Grose, with cruelty to animals following a distressing animal well-being check. The investigation uncovered a horrifying scene of neglect and mistreatment of animals in her care. Grose’s actions have left the local animal shelter overwhelmed, prompting a call for public assistance in adopting pets to make space for these neglected animals.

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7. Vegan Leather Makeup Bag and Clutch Launched by Proenza Schouler and Merit

In a world where fashion and beauty often collide, the collaboration between Proenza Schouler and Merit Beauty stands out as a shining example of synergy. The partnership between these two brands, with their distinct yet complementary styles, has resulted in a unique product that embodies the essence of “quiet luxury.”

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8. White House Takes Major Step to Combat Climate change in Government Purchases

In a groundbreaking move, the Biden administration has issued a directive aimed at making Climate change a central consideration in federal agencies’ purchasing decisions. This directive marks a historic shift, with the federal government now factoring in the economic consequences of climate change when selecting vehicles, equipment, and products for various sectors, ranging from agriculture to healthcare to defense.

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9. Nearly All Europeans Are Breathing Toxic Air, Investigation Says

Europe is sounding the alarm on a pressing environmental issue: nearly everyone across the continent is breathing air with Pollution levels exceeding safe standards. A recent investigation by the Guardian, backed by advanced research techniques like detailed satellite imagery and over 1,400 ground monitoring stations, paints a worrying picture. About 98% of Europeans live in areas where fine particulate Pollution, known as PM2.5, surpasses the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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10. Michael Bloomberg Takes On Petrochemicals to Fight Climate change

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and a leading climate activist, is setting his sights on a new target: petrochemical plants. With a history of taking on big challenges, Bloomberg is investing his considerable wealth in a campaign to curb the growth of facilities producing plastics, fertilizer, and packaging.

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Wake Up Climate Change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection
Wake Up Climate change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection

Wake Up Climate Change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection

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