All creatures on the planet deserve to be happy, be it having a loving family or simply having a fantastic time just being who they are. They are the ones that remind us about the importance of experiencing the amazing joys in life, no matter how simplistic!

Animals do the cutest things. They play adorably with toys, patiently balance treats on their heads, and roll around on the ground until you give your full attention. There’s cuteness everywhere like the adorable puppy that plays a game of Red Light Green Light with his human parents, the cute rescued piglet playing happily in straw at a sanctuary, and the rescued chimp who enjoys playing with paper. Think of all the cute and random things your animals have done!

… and sometimes they become focused on the strangest objects.

Take the curious little hedgehog in this video. She seems to be fixated on an attached doorstop, and a springy one at that. Need to find a hobby? Watch and join in on the excitement of snapping back a springy doorstop!

Image source: Tomi Tapio K/flickr