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Some days, browsing the latest news may just seem tedious, exhausting, and unfruitful, especially when bad news abounds about animal abuse and cruelty. These types of stories pop up daily, and while it is important to keep up-to-date on issues, sometimes it’s nice to take a break, and just enjoy time with your furry companion(s) or eat some excellent veg desserts.

Another way to detox from any tough day is to seek out information that will reenergize you, and get you ready to make your next big impact for animals. Videos can do the trick, or simply giving animal information a rest for a while by focusing on food topics instead or doing a bit of shopping.

Sometimes, even the simplest phrases can fill you up with enough energy to last you for the rest of the day. Quotes especially can have this effect, which is why we’re bringing you some of our favorites today about animals, borrowed from Pinterest and Tumblr, where beautiful photo quotes abound. Relax, and enjoy!

all creatures
Posted by veganquotes / Tumblr
care Jane Goodall
Pinned by Gary Ackerman
extend compassion
Pinned by Bea Elliot via Vegan is the Future
learn from animals
Posted by butterflygrace / Tumblr
agreeable friends
Pinned by Allie’s
desire to live
Posted by vegansupernova / Tumblr
right to live here
Posted by animalcruelty-notok / Tumblr
greatness of a nation
Posted by petaofficial / Tumblr
see a soul
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loved an animal
Pinned by Helena Ludwig

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