The team at Animal Aid Unlimited does truly amazing work giving street animals the best life possible. With the mission of “[rescuing and treating] the un-owned street animals of Udaipur who have become ill or injured,” Animal Aid Unlimited inspires their community – and communities around the world – to “protect and defend the lives of all animals.”

In India, there are laws to protect street animals, and dogs have the legal right to live where they were born, but this doesn’t mean all street animals are healthy and thriving. When Animal Aid Unlimited arrived in Udaipur 18 years ago, countless animals were dying of untreated wounds and illnesses. Today, they rescue 15 to 25 injured or sick animals every day, thanks to local residents who contact their helpline to report incidents. Obie the dog featured in this epic rescue was one of the lucky recipients of their skilled care.


Obie was found collapsed with a cavernous maggot wound in his neck and ear, as well as a wire wrapped around his hind leg.

Luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited stepped on the scene, but saving him was no easy task. Obie was in so much pain he could barely eat for the first four days, and only survived because of IV fluids.

The pup underwent intensive surgery and needed incredible medical attention, as well as heaps of love and affection.

Days of hunger passed before a spark finally reappeared in Obie’s eyes.

And after two months of daily treatment and unending care, Obie is now a healthy dog!

Below is the full video of Obie’s rescue. Warning: the footage of his initial wound is very graphic.



If you’d like to help to save the precious lives of rescued animals, support Animal Aid Unlimited by making a small donation.

All image source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India