Infographics are very handy visual aids, offering up a plethora of information in a simple, creative, and organized way. An infographic released by Mother Nature Network (MNN) in 2010 visualizes the statistics of endangered species, even listing the top 20 countries with the most endangered species. The U.S. claims spot number two!

An infographic like this is especially useful in informing people about where these endangered species are located. Many efforts to save endangered species feature amazing photo campaigns, where the animal is photographed to capture the hearts of people across the world. Although this approach is effective, it usually doesn’t help people identify where these species actually live and why they are endangered.

Simple, visual information like what is presented in the infographic below will allow knowledge to spread in a quicker and easier fashion. After all, many people will be more willing to look over an interesting graphic than read a long article. One of the most important ways to help endangered species is simply to know they are endangered and evaluate if our life choices are causing them to disappear.

Plus, it’s a great time to take another look at this information with the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) coming up tomorrow on Dec. 28. It’s safe to say that we would have lost many species around the world if we had not enacted the ESA back in 1973. Of course, it’s also obviously not enough as species are still endangered across the globe but, its you as a reader, who can become more informed and take the steps to make a difference. So go ahead — spread the knowledge around!