Come on down state senators and politicians of Idaho! You’re the next contestants on the bill-is-wrong! (I had to folks.)

Idaho is a state controlled by the dairy industry, which has led to the embarrassing and upsetting passage of an ag-gag bill. According to Salon, “one-third of the state senators, 1/5 of the state representatives and [Governor] Otter himself had accepted funds from the dairy industry.”


So when the ag-gag bill came up for a vote, animal activists sprung into action full-force. Mercy for Animals delivered over 110,000 signatures urging Governor Otter to veto the legislation. The organization also staged a powerful protest on the steps of the Idaho state capital building.

Unfortunately, Idaho did pass the law that will “punish violators with up to a year in jail or a $5,000 fine; critics note that’s the same as the state penalty for animal abuse.”

As part of the fight to reverse this decision, veteran game-show host and longtime animal activist Bob Barker, is calling on the Governor to veto this outrageous bill.

KBOI2 says that, in his letter, Barker, “tells Otter that more than a dozen other states have rejected similar bills, and it could damage Idaho’s image among consumers across the nation.” He adds that, “it’s crucial for police to have access to everything they need to enforce the law.”


The more pressure that continues to be brought on Governor Otter for signing the ag-gag law, the better. Especially when it comes from a respected and all around great person like Bob Barker. We cannot let Idaho’s decision go uncriticized, and we hope that the legislation can be vetoed or otherwise reversed.