The holidays are all about the spirit of giving, kindness, and compassion. The Hillard family showed all of these traits when they made the heartwarming decision to give away their recently adopted cat … because, as they found out, this pretty kitty, named Angel, originally belonged to another family.

The Howell family was devasted after Angel vanished from their home last September. The cat was a rock for their four-year-old daughter Charley who is blind and fighting brain cancer. As you can imagine, her mother Heather Howell tried everything she could to find the family pet. From contacting local shelters, searching online, and making a public cry for help on Facebook, it seemed like they would never see Angel again. Things have a way of working out sometimes though and Heather spotted the cat on Facebook with another family, the Hillards.

After being contacted, Vanessa Hillard didn’t hesitate to make arrangments for Angel to be reunited with her family. It was an especially selfless act since she had adopted the cat from the shelter as a Christmas gift for her own daughter. There was no doubt, however, that returning Angel to Charley was the right thing to do. Just to warn you, you may tear up after watching the sweet reunion! The Howell family couldn’t be any happier to have Angel home for the holidays and the sweet kitty is delighted to be back in the arms of her best friend, Charley.

If you would like to bring the same happy ending to a pet in need consider adopting a pet for the holidays. Just remember, adopting a pet is a life-long commitment that should be well planned and thoroughly researched. If you are not in the position to adopt a pet, considering fostering. To learn more about fostering a deserving animal click here.

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