One confident white-and-black kitty recently made an unusual visit to a police department in Columbia, South Carolina, got lots of attention, posed for quite a few pictures, and inspired many a feline-centered pun. It was definitely a time well spent for the little guy – especially considering he left the precinct with a new home!

According to the department’s Facebook post, the cat, now named Kingsley, wanted to suggest that the officers were “posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love.”


And so, some love was most certainly shown…

It turned out that Kingsley had snuck into the office several days before, The State reports.

Finally, his stealth mission came to an end, and officer Brandon Montgomery decided to give Kingsley a forever home!


After a vet visit, Montgomery found that his new kitty friend was about four to five months old. Kingsley shares his new home with a dog and two other cats, one of whom is also an ex-street cat. He is getting along with his new dog friend and slowly becoming acquainted with the feline family members. Kingsley now has a home, a family, and all the attention he wants – and all thanks to his own initiative!

All image source: Columbia Police Department, SC/Facebook