If you ever need an example of what an amazing best friend duo looks like, look no further than Buzz and Glenn. These two elderly pups were abandoned by their guardian and left to fend for themselves on the streets in England. The pair was found by local animal services huddled in a sewer drain and then brought into a shelter so that they could be adopted into a new forever home.

It didn’t take long for the shelter volunteers to recognize that the bond between Buzz and Glenn was more than that of best friends, Buzz was Glenn’s seeing eye dog. While no one knows how long Glenn has been without his sight, there was no denying the fact that Buzz had learned to help guide his little friend like a pro. When the shelter attempted to separate the two, both became visibly upset and they decided they would have to be adopted together.

An urgent appeal for a willing adopter was put out … and Glenn and Buzz have found a home!

Stray Aid, the shelter who has been caring for the two, first set up a home visit between Glenn, Buzz and their new guardians to make sure that it was a good match.

“I hope our new humans have treats … toys would be nice too, but treats are a MUST!”

After lots of sniffing and get to know one another, it was settled, Buzz and Glenn had found their new forever home. Stray Aid writes on Facebook, “It was love at first ‘sight’ all round and last night, the devoted pair began their new life together in their new home.”

“We did good, Buzz, these guys seem awesome.”


Good luck in your new home, pups!

All image source: Stray Aid/Facebook