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Three-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Kellar, was born completely blind, but he uses his other senses to play fetch with his owner. As it turns out, he’s better at this game than most other dogs I’ve seen!

Kellar’s owner first taught him to play fetch by using the commands “hot” and “cold,” then later “warmer,” “passed it,” “left” and “right.” They’re the same commands you use when having a friend or child find an item you hid, and they evidently work just as well for helping a dog find a fetch ball. I bet his keen sense of smell doesn’t hurt either.

Lots of disabled dogs need a home, but many hesitate to adopt them because of the challenges involved. But Kellar shows that blind dogs know how to have fun, too, and with a little creativity and patience, they can play the same games and learn the same tricks as any other dog.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons