It takes 21 days to make a habit, or at least that’s the premise behind 22 Days Nutrition’s vegan meal delivery service, and now Beyoncé has signed on with the company in order to get everybody else on board.

If you liked it, then you should have put some kale on it.

The Hunt

22Days Nutrition is the company that Beyoncé and husband Jay Z famously used in 2013 when they embarked on their short-lived foray into eating plant-based. Though they didn’t stick with eschewing animal based foods entirely once the 22 days were up, Beyoncé has credited the company with inspiring her to incorporate far more plant-based dishes into her daily diet.

Founded by exercise physiologist Marco Borges, his reasoning behind the plan is simple. “We all know the importance and value of eating plant-based foods but often times find ourselves trapped in a series of bad habits that sabotage optimum wellness. The Vegan Meal Delivery program makes it easier to reset your habits with healthy and delicious plant-based foods.”

Man, plant-based food is just…yum!

22 Days Nutrition

Ranging from from $9.76 to $16.50 per meal, all of the offerings are 100 percent plant-based, made with organic ingredients, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and are delivered once a week. While the vegan meal delivery service is focused solely on plant-based foods, Borges’ plan isn’t to “make everyone turn vegan.”  Rather, it’s about helping people make better choices for their health.

Studies are on Borges’ side, showing that a whole foods, plant-based diet is one of the best options for long term health and longevity. In fact, it’s becoming so widely accepted as the best choice, that managed care company, Kaiser Permanente, even recommends it as their official diet.

Reducing our intake of animal-based foods is something that everyone should strive to do for a huge variety of reasons, health included. Evidence suggests that meat production has one of the largest negative impacts on the environment compared to any other industry today. If everyone took meat, dairy and eggs out of their diets even just one day per week, the water and carbon savings would be sizable.

The only thing that fails to make a difference is not trying at all.


While Beyoncé and Jay Z got plenty of negative press after their “vegan cleanse” with 22 Days Nutrition- though they obviously didn’t stick with it for the long haul – the fact that Bey has chosen to adopt more plants than before and wants to spread that message is a great thing.

“I am so grateful that I took the challenge and credit Marco with leading by example,” she says of her experience with the company and Borges. “He is the most energetic person I know and it’s all because of his decision to live a healthy lifestyle. He came up with a great program to get people motivated to make better nutritional choices. All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can.”

This meal delivery service is certainly making it easier to choose plant-based options over animal ones. While providing such high profile visibility to the benefits of going plant-based, we are glad to see the message shared regardless of an individual’s “lack of perfection.” We applaud Beyoncé and services like 22 Days Nutrition for trying to make a difference in the way people eat. The environment, animals and we’re sure a cardiologist or two, thank them as well.

Lead Image Credit: BET