Here’s a good-news story that will make you smile, Green Monsters!

The Wellesley, Ma., police department just released an uplifting new YouTube video detailing their rescue of a five-year-old female golden retriever named Crosby on December 20. Crosby’s guardian had made a “frantic” 911 call to the police department informing them that the dog had become trapped fifty yards offshore in the middle of the Charles River and was unable to make it back to dry land.

Luckily, thanks to the efforts of  heroic Wellesley officers and firefighters such as Dave Papazian – who donned a cold water survival suit and waded out to help the dog – she was safely guided back to shore.

The Wellesley PD said, “Once the dog was on dry land, Fire Captain Jim Dennehy and Wellesley Police Officer Tim Gover dried off Crosby using blankets and a a fire coat. Crosby was a little cold and shaking, but all things considered, seemed in very good health.”

She was later returned to her doting guardian, who was undoubtedly thrilled to know that there was no permanent harm done. Let’s hope she doesn’t stray into icy waters again!

Find out more about the heartwarming rescue here: