Did you know that hoomans use beagles for testing chemicals and pharmaceuticals? Yes, I’m talking about the floppy eared, adorable dogs who are nothing but incredibly nice and sweet. Thousands of these dogs are kept in labs every year and subjected to scary and painful testing. Most of them never even get to feel grass or learn what it means to be a dog! All they ever know is a cold, tiny testing cell and the apathetic hands of people who hurt them.

Doesn’t that just make you want to cry!? Well, Green Monsters, I learned that there are some awesome people who are trying to put an end to the suffering of lab animals called Beagle Freedom Project. They work to secure the released of test beagles once their research trials are over so that they can have the chance to be a dog in their lifetimes.


Recently, Beagle Freedom Project helped free a bunch of pups from a lab in South Korea and arranged for them to come to the U.S. to find forever homes.

Atticus is one of these lucky beagles who now has a loving family, a warm bed, and all the comforts of life that a dog deserves! So, how is he doing life post-lab?

Well … He was released from a lab … and now he can FLY!


That’s more like it! Little Atticus is proof that lab animals are NOT broken! They are just as capable of learning to love and be awesome four-legged BFFs as any other animal.


This is the life that ALL animals deserve. So please, consider adopting a rescued lab animal, you’ll change their life furever!

Check out Beagle Freedom Project’s website to learn more.

In-text image source: Beagle Freedom Project/Facebook

Lead image source: Maelick/Flickr