If you’ve ever been to the beach with your parents, you probably have heard them warn you about swimming out too far in the ocean. For dolphins, the sentiment is the same, just in the opposite direction. When dolphins swim too close to the shore, they can become stranded, unable to maneuver themselves back into the water.

That’s what happened to the young dolphins in this video, who after a busy day of catching herring with their parents, ended up helpless on the beach. At this particular beach, dolphin strandings are pretty common, with an average of four stranding incidents a year, with 4-13 dolphins being stranded at a time. While many of these incidents do not end happily, these two dolphins were lucky enough to be spotted by a group of three surfers, who hoisted the sea creatures up and into the water, an endeavor that required some intensive labor.


After a disheartening few months filled with stories of people pulling animals, like dolphins, OUT of the water for silly and cruel reasons, it’s nice to see a group of compassionate people doing the RIGHT thing for these animals. Although we always advise people to contact expert to help with any distressed or injured wild animal, we’re glad these folks were able to get these dolphins to safety! Read this helpful article from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group to learn more about what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation.