In this heartwarming thirty-seven second video, we see how blind Chihuahua Buddy’s quality of life has been improved by the ingenuity of his guardians.

When Buddy went blind because of cataracts, causing his human to be worried about how he would navigate his way around their home from then on, her fiancé stepped in and created an awesome bumper-like device that fits snuggly around Buddy’s neck and prevents him from bumping into anything. Now, this lovely dog can walk with ease and confidence through his home, knowing that the bumper will prevent him from hurting himself!

If you are thinking of adopting a dog some time soon, don’t be put off by a physical disability such as blindness! With the loving support of their family and friends – human, canine, or otherwise – there is absolutely no reason why a blind animal companion cannot live an active, fun-filled life.