The wait is finally over! After what feels like ages (especially for the animals involved), Ghan Younis Zoo, the “world’s worst woo” is officially CLOSED. Only 15 animals were found alive at the dismal zoo on the Gaza Strip, and it’s no surprise. The zoo was keeping animals in atrocious conditions and had an untrained staff that couldn’t provide the animals with proper medical attention that caused the death of many animals, including two lion cubs who died of “undisclosed illnesses.” The remaining animals lived amongst the mummified remains of the deceased that the zoo owner preserved to feign the appearance that the zoo was full. By the time Four Paws International arrived on site, the zoo was a grim and desolate site.

Thankfully, Four Paws worked tirelessly to tackle the project of liberating and finding new permanent homes for these animals. In the video, they can be seen transporting monkeys, a deer, and other animals who look like they are barely hanging on. The animals were transported across the Palestine border to the Israeli Primate Sanctuary, The New Hope Center in Jordan, and Big Cat Rock Sanctuary where Laziz, the last surviving tiger in Palestine, will have plenty of room to stretch his paws.


It’s truly a miracle that Four Paws was able to arrive on the scene when they did. These animals were in such critical conditions that even a few more days could have made the difference between life or death. Hopefully, we will never see a zoo worse than this one, which is why it’s imperative that we never give these kinds of zoos the opportunity to exist by supporting them with our dollar.

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