Shut it down! Khan Younis Zoo, a zoo in the Gaza Strip dubbed the “worst zoo in the world” has finally seen its last days. After grueling negotiations, Four Paws International was victorious in closing the zoo.

With only 16 animals left alive, it’s no wonder that this zoo has such a terrible reputation. They have been known to hire untrained staff and not provide them with proper equipment to care for the animals. This resulted in the death of two newborn lion cubs who were smuggled in from Egypt and died from “undisclosed illnesses.” In the disturbing video above, you can see the mummified corpses of animals that the owner attempted to preserve to make the zoo look more full. How sick.


This isn’t the first time that zoos have been detrimental to the health of animals and only one more reason to not support them. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with animals – there are so many alternatives, like credited sanctuaries and wildlife preserves, you can visit where the animals are provided with the care they need. Animals are not here for our entertainment, and compromising their happiness and livelihood for our amusement is never the answer.

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