Like many children who have autism, four-year-old Iris expresses herself through movement and art. Her parents say she rarely speaks and has trouble interacting with others. That’s why the family’s new Maine Coon kitten has become their daughter’s best friend and best guardian angel.

Here is Thula, the bundle of adorable-ness and joy! Her family says she is very affectionate, loving and intelligent.

From the moment the kitten arrived at the house, she has been at Iris’s side and slept in her arms during her first night, like a true guardian angel.

Since Thula has come into her life, Iris now gets up right away in the morning with a spring in her step and a smile on her face, rather than the more slow and difficult process she had before.

This kitten is turning out to be a very loyal friend. If Iris wakes up in the middle of the night, or if she gets distressed during the day, Thula is there to distract her and love her.


The two have formed a great companionship.”Thula’s constant presence and gentle nature is having a remarkable effect upon Iris who is nonverbal most of the time. I am hearing more words, she is instructing Thula on how she wants her to be,” wrote Iris’s mother on Ozzi Cat. “’Sit cat’, when Thula is trying to have a go on the iPad. Iris says it with such authority and it works, she obediently sits down with her striped legs neatly together.”

It’s inspiring to see how much of a difference a companion animal can have for a child with autism.

“We wanted to share Iris’s story to raise awareness of how beneficial and therapeutic a cat can be in the life of a child with Autism,” wrote  her mother. “Thula is helping Iris is ways I could only imagine, it’s incredible.”

Images’ source: Ozzi Cat