Al Gore began his foray into vegan eating as just an “experiment,” but found that it made him feel better, and so he’s “likely to continue it” for the rest of his life, he said in a recent interview with Medscape.

Gore has been cutting down on his meat consumption since 2009, but admitted he had gone full veg at the end of last year. Gore is just one of many top figures in the U.S. beginning to understand that a plant-based diet can do wonders for one’s body — no prescriptions required!

Alongside Gore’s environmental work, this is one of the reasons we consider him one of the top leaders inspiring a diet revolution in this country.

If you’re interested in cutting your own meat intake, check out One Green Planet’s tips on how to extend from Meatless Mondays all the way to full veg. Your health, the planet, and countless animals will thank you! And with any luck, you’ll begin to feel better on all accounts, just like Gore!


Image source: Tom Raftery / Wikimedia Commons