Some videos of animals in nature relate to us on a primal level. This video of two polar bear cubs frolicking around their proud mother is one of those videos. The playfulness and gentleness exhibited by the polar bear mother towards her cubs would warm your heart even if you were standing out in the cold snow with them.

The video is a nice glimpse into the lives of the polar bear outside the tortures of hunting and disappearing sea ice. The polar bear has become the mascot of the warming world but many don’t see what their lives are like outside swimming from one ice sheet to the next. This video shows the important polar bear family unit of mother and cubs, while also showing how playful they actually are.

Its nice to be reminded that a beautiful animal like the polar bear shows love and playfulness just like we do. After all, we are a part of the animal kingdom too. Plus the two cubs look like little white fur balls goofing around, which would make anyone’s day a little better!