Beagles have always been one of our favorite dog breeds, and Purin the Super Beagle shows us why. Not only is she super cute, with a compact body, short, tidy coat, and easy smile, but she also has a super special way of playing catch! Watch the video to find out what that is.

Purin lives in Tokyo and works as a talent dog with a catalog of over 70 tricks, including skateboarding and jumping rope. Like most beagles, her sweet disposition and eagerness to please shines all over her face.

You can see more videos of Purin (which means “pudding” in English), including more “fetch” clips, on her YouTube channel, and watch her Facebook page for updates. Hmm… watching this little cutie makes me want a beagle of my own someday. There are lots of beagles in need of a good home, so consider adopting from one of these great rescues.

Image source: Purin the Super Beagle / Facebook