Before and after … night and day. Both these phrases mean something or someone changes drastically over a period of time. The change can be physical, personality, habits, etc. People love a good “before and after” story, a perfect example being Cinderella. She starts out a bedraggled servant and becomes a beautiful princess. Many of the reality shows on television focus on makeovers, from houses to cars to people. Even Animal Planet has animal makeovers because our furry friends need to feel good about themselves, too.

Krusty Kristy, the poor pup in this video, looks so dejected when she’s first taken to Vet Ranch. She looks like feels like an ugly duckling, all hunched down by the wall, not looking at anyone. However, after a little TLC from Dr. Kerry, she begins to blossom. It’s amazing what a little love and care can do. She went from a shy wallflower to a bubbly belle of the ball. Kristy doesn’t need the “Krusty” anymore because she’s shining beauty now. Proof that when you feel good, you look good. Who wouldn’t want to adopt this little cutie now?