Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) is a group based out of Thailand whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for wildlife. With this as their goal, they are always busy helping animals in need. From rescuing animals who lived in chains for human entertainment to inspiring a friendship between a cow and a tortoise, WFFT is a safe haven for animals that others won’t help. So when the WFFT team stumbled upon a group of abandoned puppies, they jumped at the chance to take them in.

Nine four-week-old puppies were found in the middle of the road leading up to the WFFT rescue center. 

Sadly, one of the sweethearts had been hit by a car and killed before the WFFT rescue team could get to them.

WFFT rescued the other eight puppies so they wouldn’t face the same fate. 

Now the puppies are in great hands and they seem to be settling in quite well.

How could someone abandon such a sweet face? We will never understand! 

The puppies will stay at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for two weeks so they can be fed puppy milk round the clock. The dogs will also be dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks. 

Now WFFT is working on adopting the puppies into loving forever homes. 

WFFT will provide free vaccinations, as well as spay and neuter surgery when they are old enough in six months. 

Know anyone looking to adopt a furry four-legged companion animal?



If you or someone you know lives in Thailand and is interested in adopting one of these adorable pups, please contact WFFT via email at [email protected] If you are unable to adopt but still want to help, click here to make a donation to WFFT. And remember: always adopt, never shop!

Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook