When Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) learned about a stump-tailed macaque named Yaya, who was chained up outside of a taxi stand in front of a busy hotel, they knew they had to act fast. WWFT, a group whose mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate, and care for wildlife that has been exploited by people or otherwise come into human conflict,” tried to rescue the monkey on their first visit. Unfortunately, they were up against a locally influential owner. The organization spoke to the owner providing tips to properly care for Yaya, including a healthy diet and veterinary care – but the owner refused to let Yaya go.

The owner decided that he wanted to keep Yaya alone on a chain, dressed like a little boy, next to a busy road in a heavily populated area.

WFFT wouldn’t take no for an answer. The rescue team traveled to police headquarters in the province to seek assistance for this poor little girl.

The team once again hit a wall. The local police seemed to be friends with the owner and wouldn’t allow WFFT to remove Yaya from the abusive situation. 

But then a miracle happened. Six months after the first attempted rescue, the owner called saying he didn’t want Yaya anymore. As she reached maturity she was ultimately becoming more dangerous. 

The team headed out once again. This time Yaya was chained to a wooden post. After talking to the owner for a few minutes, the WFFT team loaded Yaya into a transport cage and headed back to the rescue center. 

Now safe in the hands of WFFT, the chain around Yaya’s neck was finally removed. 


After spending the first three years of her short life with a chain around her neck, this sweet girl is finally experiencing freedom. 



Sadly, stump-tailed macaque are often hunted and traded for food, sport, and traditional “medicine.” There is also a trade in their bones, meat for people and for live animals, and they are used as pets. But for Yaya, that is not the case.  After a quarantine period, she will be introduced to another stump-tailed macaque, Dollar, and his friends. Because Yaya is young, WFFT is hoping she will adjust to her new life and friends as well.

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All Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook