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The Good Place actress, Jameela Jamil is making extremely positive changes for the health and body positivity world. By her own admission, she does not want to be referred to as the poster face for body positivity, but the movement she began, I Weigh is doing great work for improving the health and mindset of young people.

I Weigh became a movement via the social media platform, Instagram. Unfortunately, on this same social media platform, young people are targeted by advertisements promoting unhealthy diets and products. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B are paid to influence their impressionable followers and fans into buying and trying products that promise flat tummies and fast weight loss.

Any product that guarantees a major body transformation is something to be wary of, as these “benefits,” if you ever see them, can come at the expense of your health and wellbeing. Jamil has spoken against these types of advertisements, writing on her Instagram account: “I am so sick of the lies. I was so riddled with eating disorders when I was young. I listened to irresponsible celebrities and bought all these bad products and followed their TERRIBLE and toxic diet tips for how they maintained the tiny weight they were… and I fucked up my metabolism and digestive system for life. I damaged my fertility, I was consumed and mentally ill.”

She went on to say, “I am not going to stop until we teach people to be better allies to women and stop selling this not at all medically sound shit and rhetoric to us.” As Jamil states, the celebrities paid to promote these products have access to nutritionists, personal trainers, and personal chefs unlike the vulnerable young people targeted by their advertisements.

Well Jamil isn’t just saying this and her movement is making powerful moves. In the past month, changes have been made to Instagram’s policy to ban advertisements for weight-loss products and cosmetic procedures from being displayed on the feeds of users under the age of 18!

This incredible change in the Instagram policy is proof that petitions work and it’s a positive change that revolves around self-love and encouraging young people to try to think of their health first, before physical appearance. It also reminds young people that they shouldn’t be influenced by celebrities at the risk of their own wellbeing.

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