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Stress is fairly common in this day and age, but it doesn’t have to be a constant in our lives. In our modern-day world, with so much stimulus and activity, it’s no wonder why 77 percent of Americans claim to experience symptoms related to stress, and 33 percent of Americans feel they have extreme stress.

There’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed and stressed out; it’s simply your body’s way of telling you that something needs to be done differently. See it as a good thing; think of these emotions and symptoms of overwhelm as alarm bells ringing off that you’re taking on too much and you may need to slow down and reprioritize.

Luckily, there are many ways to de-stress and unwind. If you’ve never heard of sound healing before, it’s a healing therapy that uses music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. It seems as though it is taking over the wellness industry with its popularity. While this practice has been around for many years, it can now be seen all over the internet!

How Music Affects Your Mind and Body

Music can have a significant effect on both the mind and the body. Different tempos and genres of music can make you feel a range of emotions, from calm and relaxed to alert and energized. Music can also affect your productivity, and outlook on life. Maybe at the end of the day, you enjoy listening to slower-tempo music to help quiet your mind after a stressful day at work. Perhaps you like to listen to classical or jazz music while you’re working or studying to help you stay focused and productive.

What Does Research Say?

Research confirms these experiences with music that many of us have had. “Current findings indicate that music around 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to synchronize with the beat causing alpha brainwaves (frequencies from 8 – 14 hertz or cycles per second).” This alpha brainwave is directly correlated with the relaxed state we experience.

Researchers at Stanford University have said that “listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.” They also stressed the fact that music is a free tool that almost anybody has access to and can make a huge difference in reducing stress levels.

Instant Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Source: Sleep Easy Relax – Keith Smith/Youtube

This calm nature-themed healing sleep music detoxes negative emotions and offers instant relief from stress and anxiety. Gentle delta waves have been added for extra calm and peace.

Binaural and Isochronic Beats 

Source: Music for Body and Spirit – Meditation Music/Youtube

These binaural and isochronic tone patterns between 12 and 20 Hz (Alpha – Beta range) reduce work anxiety and increase concentration and vitality.

Benefits of Music Therapy

According to a news source, sound and music can be effective healers for a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical problems and have been a successful treatment for several conditions such as:

According to a news source, people also report experiencing:


This is just one thing you can do to decrease stress and reclaim your life, and the good news is, that you’re in charge when it comes to designing your life. So really zone in on the things that are most important to you and realize what your values and goals are for yourself because you deserve to live the life you want to live. Also, always be sure to seek professional care if your symptoms of stress continue or worsen.

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