Fitness and exercise are one of the many essential elements of maintaining a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. For some, that may just mean going on a thirty-minute walk each morning. Others might opt for a weight training session at the gym followed by a spin class.

Regardless of what your training or workout routine may be, you need to fuel yourself in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  But here’s a tip: you will train, recover, and rest more effectively with plant-based foods.


Planning and preparation is key to setting yourself up for success when you are trying to reach optimal health or fitness goals. What works for you may not work for someone else, so there’s not just one way to achieve your goal.

In my experience, creating a regimen through trial and error helped me to find what works best for me, and what doesn’t. I personally like to do a cardio based workout in the early morning because it provides me with an energy high that I carry throughout my day. I notice that I don’t feel like myself if I don’t exercise or move each morning. I do listen to my body though if I need to rest, I allow myself to rest. There are also many people I know who prefer evening workouts because their bodies push harder during that time-frame. It all depends on what your body needs and what works best for your schedule.



Even though I’m usually not too hungry in the morning, I still like to have something in my system such as coconut water or another electrolyte elixir to provide myself with some energy. There are several energy and sport drinks that contain hidden sugars and chemicals, so I prefer something purer. See for yourself why coconut water is better than having sports drinks.


If you like to eat breakfast before your mid-day workout, it is suggested to have something a bit more substantial. Check out these 15 high carb, high protein products to fuel your workout.

Amp up your energy with something wholesome and light like fresh fruit or even this Breakfast quinoa fruit salad!


You may also consider having light snacks on hand. You never know when your friends will ask you to a yoga class last minute! Try to keep these top 10 clean pre-workout snacks on hand.

During the Work-out


For those who are athletes, and are constantly training, it is necessary to fuel up and keep hydrated during your long workouts. Even for people who do two-a-days or long gym sessions, this tip is crucial.

It’s important to drink plenty of water and other liquids to keep yourself going. You may consider making your own energy gels for athletic endurance rather than purchasing store bought ones.

Post Work-out and Recovery


Post work-out fuel is important because it allows the body to build muscle and repair. It is often recommended to eat something high in protein and/or carbohydrates 30 minutes-1 hour after your workout. Try these 15 post-workout vegan snacks. And if you’re ever debating that leg day you scheduled due to believing you’ll be sore for days after, you might like to try these plant-based foods that help cut workout recovery time!


Need protein powder ideas for that post-workout smoothie? Fear no more and head over to browse these 15 vegan protein powders to rock your smoothie! For optimal results, incorporate wholefood recipes to fuel yourself with, as well as plant-based foods that can help you build muscle. These butternut squash black bean enchiladas will leave you fueled and satisfied in no time! Or, for some extra fun in the kitchen, try out these protein chocolate granola bars.

The power of plants is incredibly noticeable, but there are definitely other factors that do come into play. You can view a vegan fitness trainer’s perspective on plant-based diets an performance to get a better idea of what you may like to try.
Happy Exercising!

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