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In a world of neutrals and minimalism, it’s easy to forget how important color is in our lives. The psychology behind color is fascinating and strongly supports the idea that color can change the way you feel. You can use color to encourage certain energies or emotions in your space. What colors do you need more of in your life? Keep reading to find out!


Blue is a peaceful and kind color. A study conducted on college students showed that blue is an effective color to treat anxiety in stressed-out young adults. Throughout history, blue has been used to suggest innocence and purity in language and culture. Think of the shade ‘baby blue’ that’s often used as a traditional baby boy’s room wall color. 

Other qualities attached to blue include trust, loyalty, dependability, logic, serenity, and security. Blue also encourages creativity, which makes it a great color to fill a home office or studio space with. This makes sense, considering that the color is heavily associated with knowledge. It is the ultimate color for staying sharp! 

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Green is a fantastic color. For obvious reasons, it’s strongly linked with nature and can be very grounding. This serene color reminds people of a forest or sunny grassy field. A few qualities linked to the color green include health, hope, nature, growth, freshness, prosperity, and balance. Those all sound lovely! 

Along with being rejuvenating, green helps with decision-making. This might be linked to how soothing it is. No one makes smart decisions under stress, so a fresh burst of green could give you the mental refresh you need to make an educated choice. 

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There isn’t anything quite as powerful as a bright red. Strongly associated with dominance and arousal, red is an intoxicating color that stands out in any space. Culturally and biologically, red is also the most important color. It is the first color in history to be named in several civilizations, which suggests humans are programmed to be drawn to it. This might be because it’s the color of blood which usually means violence or pain. 

Emotionally speaking, red provokes strong emotions, which usually end up being either lust or aggression. The issue with red is that you might not be able to control whether the red in your living room will bring out anger or romance in you. Because of this, we recommend keeping red to a minimum in living quarters. Red also brings out power, strength, excitement, passion, and energy in individuals, so if used correctly, red can bring out the best in you! 

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Orange is a wonderful color full of optimism and community. Qualities associated with orange include confidence, warmth, innovation, friendliness, energy, and bravery. Orange is also connected with food and encourages our appetites. Feeling shy or stressed before a social interaction? Pop some orange on; it’s a great color for social communication and feng shui. The happy color also brings out the extrovert and risk taker in people. So make sure you keep plenty of orange around when getting ready to go skydiving!

One thing to keep in mind with orange is that darker oranges will bring out emotions associated with the color red, so keep your shades of orange as light and bright as possible!

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Like orange, yellow is a very happy hue. If you’re looking for optimism, warmth, happiness, creativity, and friendliness in your life, you need to fill your space with more yellow! It’s also a great color for self-esteem and creativity, so like blue, it is a perfect one for your studio space. 

Unfortunately, you can have too much of a good thing. Too much yellow has been associated with depression and anxiety, so decorate joyfully but mindfully!

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The Takeaway 

Color is incredibly powerful. It can make you happy, sad, romantic, angry, or even just a bit hungry! While color psychology is incredibly fascinating, we don’t recommend redecorating your whole living room in a color you hate for the sake of science. Keep the psychology in mind while also having fun with whatever shades of blue, orange, or red make you feel your best! 

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