Green is a very trendy color right now. From the dark earthy green on the runways to rise in houseplants. Everyone is either wearing green or watering it on their window seal. Scientifically speaking, it’s a positive color. 

Color psychology focuses on how color makes people feel, with every color encouraging a different emotion. Green is a great color to have around the house to keep you feeling as fresh as your little house plants do! 

Here are a few reasons why we love green so much! 

Green is a Cool Color

Just how colors can be light and dark, they can also be cool and warm. Although warmer colors sound like they should be the more inviting ones, cool colors actually have a more positive effect on your psychology. Orange, red, and yellow are all warm colors and green, blue and purple are the primary cool colors. 

Cooler colors promote a sense of peace and positive relaxed energy. They are quiet colors that make us feel safe and relaxed. Think of a crystal clear blue ocean, a sunny meadow in the spring, or even just a room filled with rich purples and greens. All that peaceful imagery is heavily associated with the deep cool colors palette. 

On the other hand, warm colors are more exciting and stimulating. Picture yourself sitting in a room decorated floor to ceiling in red. Feeling relaxed? Now picture yourself in that same room but everything is green (or blue, or purple) – scientifically speaking, a completely different emotion should wash over you. 

Green Keeps You Calm

When you think of green, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is nature. After all, a thick forest or lush field is almost primarily just different shades of green. We associate nature with serenity and relaxation, so it makes sense that when the color green is presented in other forms, like on a t-shirt or coffee mug, it elicits similar positive emotions. Having green in a room just makes the space feel calmer. If you had a more intense color red in your space, you might be more prone to anxieties or other intrusive emotions. 

A study was conducted in Japan where colored lights were cast over subjects while they performed simple tasks.  Out of all the colors tested, green was the most neutral and made a “relatively calm impression” on the subjects. The green light did not impact their mental fatigue either. It was a quiet and supportive color that neither hurt nor drastically changed the subject’s moods and performance. 

Basically, if you’re trying to decide what type of lightbulbs to go for, go green – in every sense of the word!

Green Enhances Your Relationship with Nature 

Many people have found that they like the color green because they associate it with a forest, grass, springtime, or any other positive natural feature. While not all cultures have the same relationship with each color (for example, black symbolizes mourning for some countries and weddings in others) green is a consistently positive color almost always associated with nature. It is universally accepted as a happy color! 

Green makes a room feel more spacious, perhaps because it creates the illusion of an “indoor-outdoor” space. So if you live in a tiny apartment in the middle of the city, consider introducing more green into your space! It might help you not feel as boxed in by the metropolitan. You don’t even need to get a houseplant if you’re worried about your green thumb, a few green decorations (or a fun wallpaper!) will also do the trick. 

Green Might Make You Exercise Better 

There was a study conducted in 2012 about the positive effects of green on exercise. The subject was presented with the same image colored three different ways while exercising- red, green, and gray. While the red and gray colors elicited negative and angry emotions, green produced more positive emotions. Those positive emotions resulted in the subject doing better at their workout

What does this mean for you? It means you should get out of your dull grey indoor gym and exercise outside more! All of that green will make you feel and move better. Our emotions are directly related to our body, so keeping your mind happy with positive colors like green is key to reaching any physical goals you might have. 


If you’re prone to anxiety and depression, look into getting more green for your space. While green hasn’t been shown to cure anything yet, it most definitely promotes a happy, healthy mindset. Be sure to also look around your space and minimize the warmer colors that might be eliciting more intense emotions. 

If you haven’t already, have a look at getting a couple of houseplants. Their color coupled with the routine of watering and tending to them will bring you closer to nature and hopefully, closer to yourself!

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