Summer is officially less than a month away, and, if you live in certain parts of the country, you’ve probably already broken out the shorts and tank tops. For many with less-than-perfect skin, that means it’s time to prep with some acne-clearing power. Yes, even past the teenage years, many people still get the occasional breakout — and in the strangest places too — think back, chest, and shoulders. While that’s totally natural, and we’re totally fine with the occasional bump or two, some people get a little crazy when they see an acne flare-up on their skin. Hot weather can make your skin even more irritation prone too. But you needn’t turn to expensive, chemical-heavy store-bought products to scrub that body acne away, Green Monsters. That’s right, we’ve got you covered here, from head to toe! And here’s the craziest part of all: all you need is two ingredients, both of which you probably already have at home. This scrub is incredibly cost-effective, natural, and, most importantly, effective.

You’ll need a box of baking soda and some cool filtered water. That’s right — that’s all you need. Crazy stuff, right? Baking soda is an antiseptic and fights off bacteria and oil — two big acne-causing culprits. The texture of this scrub will also have a skin-smoothing impact, removing dead cells and leaving your skin soft and fresh. Baking soda is also super cheap; you can pick up a box for around 60 cents up to $2.50 if you buy a fancy natural-store brand. Either kind works, but if you can find aluminum-free, that’s even better! If not, that’s fine too.


For a small batch, mix half a cup of baking soda with just one sixth of a cup of water. Mix it well until you have a scrub texture. Apply to acne-prone areas of your body, massaging softly. Leave this on for at least 5  minutes, and no more than 15. Rinse well.

The great thing about this scrub is that it’s so cheap that you can use it often — mix up a small batch every other day or so through the warm months, and watch as your skin’s quality slowly improves. The act of brushing away dead cells, clearing bacteria and oil, and revealing fresh new skin will slowly but surely improve your skin’s quality. It’s not a fast fix, but then again, nothing worth waiting for ever is.  Start now, and you’ll be in the clear before you know it! Happy summer skin, you blemish-free Green Monster!

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Image source: Creative Commons