If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of empty mason jars as well as other glass jars laying around. Sure, they could be recycled, but there are so many other good uses for these jars. If you’re trying to move your family away from plastic as well as cut down on costs in the kitchen and around the home, then you can put all those empty jars that seem to accumulate on a daily basis to good use!

Not only are these jars great for food, but they can also do a myriad of other jobs all around your house.  Don’t worry if you aren’t great at the DIY projects you see all over Pinterest, these six ways to repurpose mason jars are super simple – plus as an added bonus, they’ll save you money, help protect the planet from more plastic trash environment, and even looking a little crafty with just some minimal effort!


1. Storage 

6 Great Uses For Mason Or Food Jarsjarmoluk/Pixabay

Mason jars are great for storing food, which might seem obvious because that is what they were designed for, but some people seem to think that they can only do that job once … and then they need to be recycled. Glass jars are the perfect place to store all your bulk buys.

Things like rice, pasta, oatmeal and all the other delicious dry goods you can find in the bulk section are perfect for mason jars. Your food will stay fresh, and because they are in see-through jars, you will be more likely to use them frequently. Plus, you can even tote the jars with you to the grocery store and fill them up in the bulk section (be sure to ask customer service to tare the jars first) to save yourself from using any additional plastic bags. 

You can also store homemade sauces, dressings, nut milks, and other liquids in these jars.  Rather than buying more containers for these items or using plastic containers, go for mason jars.


2. Fresh Flowers/Herbs

Mason jars or other glass jars make really beautiful vases.  You can display fresh cut flowers from your own garden in any room in your house or store the beautiful bouquet you picked up at the farmer’s market.  Food jars can have unique and fun designs that will add a certain charm to your table.

They are also good for storing fresh herbs.  When you get fresh herbs from the store or your garden, it’s important to store them properly, so you don’t end up with a pile of wilted herbs.  One of the easiest ways to keep your herbs fresh, crisp and ready to use is to keep them in water.  Wash your herbs and shake dry then put them into a jar filled half-way with water and cover with a paper towel.  Voila!  Your herbs are ready to go whenever you’re ready to cook.

3. Plants

Speaking of fresh herbs, you can use glass jars to grow your own herbs and vegetables.  This is great for anyone living in a small apartment or home.  Many herbs can thrive with just a little water, some sunshine and don’t need a ton of room to grow.  You can also regrow some vegetables, like celery or green onions, in theses jars right in your house.

If you do have a garden and like to grow a variety of produce, mason or other glass jars make a great place to start your seeds before you transfer them outside.


4. Terrarium 

 14220203417_a94735ec50_zStacie DaPonte/Flickr


If you don’t want to grow your own vegetables or herbs but still like to have a little green around your house, check out making your own terrarium.  Glass jars are a great home for terrariums and you can have one in every room if you wanted.  You can customize your terrarium to suit your tastes or match your home decor.  And don’t worry about them being a ton of work, most require minimal maintenance and give your house a nice homey touch.

5. Decoration

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest, then you know that mason jars are all the rage when it comes to decoration.  Many brides use them as centerpieces for their shabby chic weddings or even as cups for the reception meal.  You can get in on this fad too.  You can paint them or decorate them any way you would like.  Fill them with seasonal items like candy corn for Halloween, cranberries for winter, or sand for summer and place them around your house.  You can fill your jars with water and then float tea lights in them for a stunning table decor.  If you’re super crafty, you could even turn them into light fixtures in your kitchen.

6. Arts and Crafts 

Beyond decorating your house, you can use glass jars to hold arts and crafts for you and your family.  Fill mason jars with paint or water to wash off paint brushes.  You can also fill them with glitter, punch a few holes in the lid and use that to sprinkle your artwork with a shiny glow.  Store things like pipe cleaners, cotton balls, pom poms, or any other crafty thing you have.  Jars will help keep your crafting area neat and organized and keep things like paint and glue fresh as long as they are properly covered.

No matter what you use them for, mason and other glass jars are a great thing to have on hand.  From food to plants to artwork, these are just a few ways to use these jars around your home!


Image source: Richard Elzey/Flickr