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5 Reasons to Use Vegan Makeup Brushes

Are there animals in everything? Sometimes that’s how it seems to me. When I first became vegan I started really looking at the items I used, ate and wore on a daily basis, and it was one giant ah-ha moment after another. Animal ingredients are everywhere! I mean, who knew that things like nail polish remover, winter gloves and makeup brushes were something I had to pay so much attention to.

As my awareness grew, so did my intention to eliminate (as much as is humanly possible) any products that contained animal ingredients. The idea of another being suffering so I could apply my makeup just didn’t feel right to me.

As a makeup artist, I know that one of the key ingredients to good makeup application is the tools you use. Makeup brushes head the list. Just try putting on powder blush with your fingers or applying contour shadow to your eyes with a sponge. While it’s possible to do, it is mostly just aggravating. With the right brush for the job, however, it’s a breeze.

Knowing what makeup brushes to choose for the job is critical but there’s another equally important component – what they are made of. People who tell you that only natural hair bristle brushes will give you great results have not done their homework. Perhaps this was true before the demand for cruelty-free brushes exploded (yes, the market has exploded). Now, beautiful, effective, synthetic brushes have claimed their stake in the beauty industry, and the truth is that they do just as good a job as natural hair brushes…except no animals suffered to create them.

Have you ever really looked at makeup brushes and wondered about where those natural hairs come from? Until I became vegan I never did. Sure, I knew they came from a sable (weasel), squirrel, mink, badger, pony or a goat, but I never truly thought about how the hair was obtained.

The truth is, it’s not pretty. Sable and mink brushes come from the fur industry which is an industry fraught with cruelty ( Pony hair comes from horses slaughtered for food, and the rest of the animals are hunted, trapped, or sheared. In all cases, widespread suffering abounds. Does something that so clearly causes unimaginable pain and anguish really belong in the “beauty” industry (or any industry for that matter!)?

To satisfy your curiosity about the beauty of vegan makeup brushes, here are 5 reasons to use them:

  1. No animals were harmed. Honestly, this could be reason enough but the good news is that the other 4 reasons only give you more incentive to switch.
  2. Synthetic bristles have come a long way. Good quality synthetic brushes are easily as soft as natural hair bristles – the technology has grown significantly. While you do get what you pay for, even the most expensive ones cost less than the premium natural hair bristle brushes.
  3. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Do you have an allergy to animal hair? Then, vegan makeup brushes are your salvation! No sniffles or watery eyes when you apply your makeup, and they are less likely to harbor bacteria.
  4. Clean up is a breeze. Simply use a little shampoo to clean the bristles and lay flat to air dry. Your brushes will last longer and your skin will be happy!
  5. Easy to find. Word is out and vegan brushes are now everywhere. You don’t have to go to some obscure store or hunt for hours on-line to find them. Awareness is growing and as it does women do not want to support animal cruelty each time they apply their makeup. You can even find them with pink or purple handles (and even colored bristles!) like the “Charm” makeup brushes.

What an easy way to make a difference! Now you can confidently brush off (pun intended!) the unfounded belief that animal hair makeup brushes are superior. They are not! And, the good news is that you do not have to compromise your values or your beauty routine to have flawless makeup application. Your vegan makeup brushes will do the trick beautifully.

Not sure where to start? Here are two great options.

1. Eco Sevi Vegan Brushes: Cruelty free, 100% synthetic. Very soft and allows you to apply your favorite makeup with ease. Click here for more info. (#1 pictured above)

2. Christopher Drummond Makeup Brushes: Offering superior performance and shed-free technology through the incorporation of the highest quality Peta-approved/cruelty free materials. Click here for more info. (#2 pictured above)

3. You can also find a variety of vegan brushes on my website.