Local Nevada tribal members are guarding a proposed lithium mine on sacred land in hopes of stopping the looming threat of mining.

The proposed lithium mine is set in the middle of Peehee Mu’huh, or Thacker Pass. The land is considered to be sacred ground, as in 1865, 31 Paiute tribe members were massacred there. Today, the site still holds importance as it is a place where local Indigenous communities collect traditional foods, medicine, and perform sacred ceremonies.

Lithium is a substance used to fuel electric cars and batteries. While we do move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable alternatives, many activists point out that it cannot be at the expense of indigenous communities and their sacred connection to the land. 

Daranda Hinkey, a direct descendant of the Paiute tribe, explained, “It’s like putting a lithium mine on Arlington cemetery. It’s just not fair.”

Indigenous community members have staked out around the proposed mine, guarding it day and night when they can. But they are unsure of whether their efforts will be rewarded. They are also looking into legal options, but their chances of success are bleak.

This is a perfect example of how little consideration is taken for sacred ground that is still, to this day, treasured by indigenous communities. Their rights are often disregarded by big businesses and industries, that care more about profits than people.

Sign this petition to tell the EPA it must revert environmental regulatory control of their land back to the Native American tribes that live there.

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