Billie Eilish is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and she’s using her platform to share her passion for animals and the planet. She has often talked about being vegan in interviews and explained that she is vegan because she loves animals. She also recently partnered with Greenpeace in a PSA with vegan actor Woody Harrelson. In the video, she explains the need for action to save the planet from climate change.

Eilish is not just saying these things either. She’s putting her money where her mouth is and leading by example. In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, she explained that her upcoming world tour will be as ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ as possible.

When Fallon asks her to talk about how she is making her tour “green,” she explains that she partnered with Reverb. There will no plastic straws on the tour and fans must bring their own refillable water bottles. There will also be recycle cans available around the venues. As she says, you can recyclable products but it doesn’t matter if there is no where you for you to deposit that recyclable item to actually be recycled.

The video is quite long, but the info on her eco-friendly tour begins at 5:40. It’s exciting to see a young star changing the game and making her tour an eco-friendly experience where fans will hopefully be influenced to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes as well.

Young people have really been at the forefront of the revolutions for the planet. With Greta Thunberg’s influential activism and teens taking the world by storm with Fridays for Future and School Strikes for Climate, young activists are really fighting for the planet and for the future of humanity on it.

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