Actor and long-time vegan Woody Harrelson was joined by singer Billie Eilish in a recent PSA made in collaboration with Greenpeace about climate change. Like the strikes, they are raising awareness on the climate emergency we are currently facing. The Global Climate Strikes on Friday, September 20th took over the world. People all around the globe marched and protested to demand change from our governments to combat climate change. Specifically, activists are demanding a shift away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy. The strikes and protests are only growing as they’ve continued with more strikes sweeping the globe on Friday, September 27th.

Young people especially have led this revolution with Greta Thunberg inspiring youth activists around the world to join the Fridays for Future and School Strikes for Climate movements. With the powerful and influential young activists at the forefront of this movement, celebrities have been joining and adding their voice. Willow Smith announced she’d be joining and performing at the strikes.

Now, Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson have partnered with Greenpeace. The title of their video is inspired by one of Greta Thunberg’s famous speeches: “Our House is on Fire.” Thunberg asked world leaders to act as if our house was on fire and act! In the video, Harrelson and Eilish encourage viewers to act and speak up by joining their strikes or looking into organizations like Greenpeace that are fighting for the planet.

With their levels of fame, Harrelson being a seasoned actor and Eilish being one of the most famous singers in the world right now, many people can become aware of the severity of climate change and the urgent need for action. We hope more people continue speaking and applying pressure to world leaders!

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