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Dunja Gulin


Dunja Gulin is a Croatian-based cooking teacher and expert in plant-based nutrition. She is a prolific cookbook author and her work has been featured in Bon Appétit Magazine, Vegetarian Living, and Marie Claire, among other publications. She hosts cooking workshops, prepares plant-based meals on yoga retreats on the Adriatic coast, and has been part of the Holistic Holiday at Sea kitchen team for the past five years. Her cookbook includes how to make freshly cooked falafel at home with more than 65 recipes for deep-fried and oven-baked patties, plus sauces, pickles, and salads plus easy flatbreads. Excerpted From Falafel: Delicious Recipes for Middle Eastern-Style Patties, Plus Sauces, Pickles, Salads, and Breads. Photograph by Toby Scott © Ryland Peters & Small 2023.