This peaceful video of elephant mothers and children is a far cry from the horrors so many elephants face in captivity. Yatta, whose own mother was killed for her tusks, was taken in by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in 1999 where she was cared for nearly from birth until she was released back into the wild ten years later. It is not uncommon for elephants to return to the sanctuary with their babies, but this time Yatta has brought her extended elephant family with her. 

Nasalot and Sunyei, also two ex-orphan elephants, have joined Yatta with their babies Nusu and Siku, respectively. The elephants have sort of become each other’s adopted family out in the wild. It is a great joy for their caretakers to see them thriving in the wild, but and even greater joy when they come back to visit. Caretakers say it’s a sign of “absolute trust and affection” when elephants bring their newest babies to the sanctuary to meet them.

Sanctuaries like this are so vital for many once-captive animals to be saved from the cruelty of captivity and reintegrated into the wild. The caretakers who loved Yatta are just as much a part of her family as her wild elephant sisters. 

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