Whales and dolphins are some of the most dynamic creatures on the planet. Not only are their brains more developed than our own, but they are also amazingly emotional beings. These marine mammals are known to live in close-knit pods. They love and care for one another – just look at the example of this orca pod that goes out of its way to feed and support a disabled family member.

There is so much to admire about cetaceans, but sadly, we have chosen to admire them by pulling them from the wild and forcing them into concrete tanks. Knowing all we do about these complex creatures, keeping them in enclosures the size of a fish bowl, devoid of stimulation or even companionship is incredibly cruel.

It is far past time that we #EmptyTheTanks and put an end to marine animal captivity. You can help keep whales and dolphins wild and free by never attending marine parks – and sharing this video to raise awareness!