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one green planet

Green Monsters, your voices are being heard! I just heard from my hooman friends that SeaWorld San Diego is phasing out orca shows! That’s right, not only are they putting an end to breeding captive orcas, but they’re also no longer going to force them to do flips and tricks for a few measly frozen fish!

According to the kind peeps at USA Today, “The company is putting a hold on a plan for a major tank expansion in San Diego, saying it will invest in a new ‘orca experience’ to open in 2017.” The parks want customers to experience to be more “natural,” than the crazy spectacles that they currently feature. BASICALLY, this means that the parks won’t be carrying out the full-scale Shamu shows they’re famous for, but park attendees will still be able to oogle at the animals in their glass enclosures. While I still can’t say that keeping ginormous whales in tanks in the first place is anything sort of close to natural … letting the orcas spend their days in peace is definitely an improvement.

When asked why SeaWorld San Diego was making this change, SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said, “We are listening to our guests, we’re evolving as a company, we’re always changing.” Now all they have to do is evolve out of the captive animal business, and we’ll all be happy!

Sorry, I’m not sorry, but the only place SeaWorld’s business is goin’ is the toilet!


I know tons of nice people who have been fighting for the freedom of orca whales and other marine animals for so many years and it seems like all your amazing work is starting to pay off! Slowly but surely, the tides are changing and people are waking up to the fact that animals DO NOT exist just for their personal entertainment. Keep up the good work hoomans!

Lead image source: Shawn McCready/Flickr