It’s no secret that dogs make excellent companions. And if you have a dog, you’re probably obsessed with catching them in cute positions or doing funny tricks. Not to mention, dogs, like farm animals, are incredibly smart. They can help soothe us when something is wrong, and give us an excuse turn on the video camera.

Well, this dog Brutus brings something special to the table: he hates taking his medicine, so he plays dead! Check out the video above to see how he does it.


The stubborn Rottweiler Brutus has arthritis, as mentioned in the video, and has to take medicine for it. But, he hates it! So, he refuses to swallow it by holding it in his mouth, and plays dead so that he won’t have to take it. His human mentions that Brutus cannot be outsmarted with the ol’ “stick the medicine in the food” trick. He can sniff it out, chew up the food, and spit out the medicine. He’ll even refuse to swallow the medicine and let it drip out from his mouth. Wow, now that’s what we call intelligence!

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Lead Image Source: Jagodka/Shuttershock