What would you do if you lost your favorite toy in the swimming pool? You could swim and get it, but … maybe you just had a bath and you don’t feel like getting in the chlorine pond. You could grab some sort of tool to fish it out. But what if there was no tool around? Or, what if you were a dog and didn’t have opposable thumbs anyhow?

Well, this Weimaraner was in exactly that position. She dropped her Frisbee in the swimming pool and she really wanted it back. But, she did not want to go for a swim just then. And, of course, tools weren’t really an option. But, watch her figure it out! She paddles the water just in front of the Frisbee, as far as she can reach. She creates a current that drags the Frisbee closer to her, bit by bit. Until, at last, she has it!


Good for you, you clever girl!