Plenty of fashion lines have already ditched fur. While it’s easy to see the allure of protecting cute, furry foxes, the fashion world has been a bit slower to drop animal skins, despite pressure from animal rights groups who insist (justly) an animal doesn’t need to have huggability to be worthy of it’s life. Cow hide and reptile skins are the pelt of choice for many designers, and the methods of obtaining animal skins are every bit as cruel as fur trapping.

This week, the Victoria Beckham fashion line announced they will no longer use exotic animal skins in their collections. The brand was already fur-free, and will institute the new policy with her 2019 Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, which will be shown in the next few days during London Fashion Week.

In an official statement the fashion line announced: “Victoria Beckham will cease the use of exotic skins in all collections moving forward.” They brand also made it clear that they were already a fur free company before the decision. “The Victoria Beckham brand has never used fur in its clothing or accessories collections and confirmed last year that the brand will remain fur free.”

Victoria Beckham isn’t the first fashion line to make this decision. Vivienne Westwood, Chanel and Diane von Furstenberg have all pledged not to use exotic animal skins in future collections, meanwhile Gucci, Burberry, Michael Kors, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and many more have all also gone fur-free.

PETA Director Elisa Allen responded to the news with a statement of her own: “Behind every crocodile, alligator, snake, or lizard handbag or pair of shoes is a violent death. Victoria Beckham’s decision to ban exotic skins will spare countless remarkable animals immense suffering, and PETA calls on other luxury brands to follow her kind example.”

The catch? Cows aren’t exotic. While every snake and crocodile deserves to live a free life in the wild, the leather industry is still curiously untouched by the string of bans. More work still to do. But this news is certainly cause to celebrate!

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