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Despite all the great scientific achievements and successes over the years, much of science still relies on cruel, outdated methods. Unfortunately, animals are still used for testing and research in laboratories around the world. Just recently, an undercover investigation revealed the horrifying reality of monkeys, dogs, and cats in a research laboratory in Europe. But it isn’t just in Europe or in far away countries. Right here in the United States, “more than 25 million dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, guinea pigs and other animals are forced to endure painful experiments,” according to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

More than 60,000 dogs in about 350 labs in the U.S. are used for testing and research. It’s usually involving drugs, pesticides, and medical devices, which has been proven to be different for animals than for humans. According to the National Institutes of Health, 95 percent of drugs tested on animals ultimately fail in human trials.

A panel discussion took place on Tuesday, October 29th at the Longworth House Office Building. There, the Washington Times reports that Kathleen Conlee, the Humane Society’s vice president of animal research issues, spoke about “why animals generally are poor predictors of human safety and suffer and undergo unnecessary tests.”

Science has become so advanced that we really don’t need animals for such testing or research anymore. We can leave them alone and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve rather than forcing them to endure such suffering. As HSUS explains, there are alternative methods: “The world is rapidly moving toward a future where laboratories use human cells and tissues, 3D printing, robots, computer modelling and other sophisticated methods to carry out experiments. These technologies are better for both animals and humans because they are typically faster, less expensive and more accurate than the outdated animal tests currently in use.”

Watch neurobiologist and actor on the popular hit TV series, Mayim Bialik debunk animal testing and research below:

Much of the testing and research done on animals is required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who regulate food and medical products in the United States. In a landmark case, one company Vanda Pharmaceuticals is actually suing the FDA for trying to pressure them into testing on animals. Vanda Pharmaceuticals does not want to conduct “cruel and inhumane trials of a new drug on innocent dogs, after which the animals would be mercilessly slaughtered or ‘sacrificed,’ then carved up and their organs analyzed.”

The lawsuit that aims to end cruel “nine-month, non-rodent toxicity studies … which involve animals, normally small beagle puppies, being force-fed, injected or forced to inhale chemicals before being put to death — as the “unnecessary and unethical” routine killing of animals,” according to Lady Freethinker. If you stand against such cruel testing and research, sign this petition by Lady Freethinker and check out ways you can help on the HSUS website!

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